Michelle Obama and Daughter Malia Obama Step Out in Style


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Poll: Should I be allowed to have a cell phone? (Votes needed)


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So…I here do launch thee my phone campaign!! I don’t have a cell phone yet. My birthday is coming up and all I want is a PHONE!! My mom is fine with me having one but my grandma on the other hand doesn’t agree and I can’t have one until she agrees. ūüė¶

My grandma doesn’t think I should have one because she doesn’t think that I will take care of it, and also because my older brother Paris doesn’t have one either and he’s 11. I’ll be 10 next week. ¬†She also doesn’t think I’m going to be responsible. I should be able to have a phone because I get good grades in like everything (except math I got a C in that), BUT ANYWAY, I’ve been very responsible. I’ve taken good care of other things I have. I help around a lot, I help take care of the cat, plus i’m also super cute.

My name is Jordan Britney and I approve this message.

Please vote on whether or not you think my grandma should let me have my own cell phone. THANKS-xoxo

Colorado Batman Movie Theater Shooting: Thoughts From A 9yr Old


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In Colorado there was a shooting at the movies. The movie was Dark Knight Rises and the person who did the shooting was dressed up kind of like Bane from the movie, but he later said he was the Joker.  Some people died and some people survived. Those people that survived should thank God, and the person who did the shooting should be ashamed of himself, and he should go to jail for life because what he did was very wrong. He hurt innocent people. Some people do that because they had a bad childhood, so when they grow up they express themselves by projecting their sadness on other people so they can feel what he or she felt. But I think that there is a better way to handle it, and that way is therapy.

My Brother’s Birthday


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Yesterday was my brother’s birthday and it was very fun because we had a tea party that my mommy set up before we woke up. We had tea, sandwiches and grapes while my brother was opening his presents.

He got some clothes from Aeropostale and he got a new Wii carrying case. He also got new games for his Wii.  He got Mario Cart, Spiderman and Dragonball Z. Then we went to see Dark Knight Rises and it was so awesome!

Have you seen ‘My Babysitter’s a Vampire’?


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It’s the second season! ¬†There’s a girl named¬†Sarah,¬†and then there’s¬†Benny¬†Ethan…..¬†and some other person but I forgot her name. ¬† Sarah is a vampire, so is the other girl, and¬†Benny¬†uses magic. Ethan just makes things to kill them. Excitiiiing!!!