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So…I here do launch thee my phone campaign!! I don’t have a cell phone yet. My birthday is coming up and all I want is a PHONE!! My mom is fine with me having one but my grandma on the other hand doesn’t agree and I can’t have one until she agrees. 😦

My grandma doesn’t think I should have one because she doesn’t think that I will take care of it, and also because my older brother Paris doesn’t have one either and he’s 11. I’ll be 10 next week.  She also doesn’t think I’m going to be responsible. I should be able to have a phone because I get good grades in like everything (except math I got a C in that), BUT ANYWAY, I’ve been very responsible. I’ve taken good care of other things I have. I help around a lot, I help take care of the cat, plus i’m also super cute.

My name is Jordan Britney and I approve this message.

Please vote on whether or not you think my grandma should let me have my own cell phone. THANKS-xoxo